Introducing Poppy…

Get another dog, they said.  It is no more work then one dog, they said.  Enter Poppy.  Poppy is my Valentine baby and Lily’s niece.  13412197_1026782150702801_5114253174668363276_o

I picked Poppy up in Illinois on April 23, 2016.  This cute little nugget was such a cutie.  She came right to me and never let go.  She is my snuggler, which I never knew I missed until I had her.

Poppy is sweet, naughty, mischievous, funny, pokey, and the best little snuggle poodle in the world.  I think she makes me laugh every day.  I’ve never had such a sweet dog that was so very naughty at the same time.

I quickly realized that Poppy was not going to be as easy to train as Lily.  Lily was potty trained in a weekend at about 4 months.  She has never had an accident yet.  Poppy on the other hand was about 10 months and we’ve had a few accidents along the way.

P13422232_1033112426736440_7660215329523384558_ooppy is learning to play disc and agility so that she can tag along with her sister to her events.  She is loving disc and once she stops looking for shiny things in class, will love agility too.  She is a very active poodle, just like her sister.  I think she may be a bit faster than her sister too.  Don’t tell Lily.

Poppy will provide a lot of laughs to this page and I can’t wait to share more of our crazy life with her and her sister.





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