Introducing Lily…

I grew up with poodles.  Our family has had one as a pet since before I was born.  Silver, apricot, silver beige, brown and black.  The versatility of poodles is endless.  We started with toy poodles and have since moved up in size to miniature poodles.524787_10154018582123486_2082645214602503133_n

The first dog that I have ever owned myself was Lily.  Lily was born December 25, 2012.  She is what is referred to as my “heart dog”.  That once in a lifetime dog that you really connect with.

Lily is funny, headstrong, intelligent, athletic, loyal, quick, and grumpy.  I would not change one thing about her.  Well, maybe I would change the grumpy sometimes.  Oh, and the fact that she won’t cuddle.  Other than that she is the perfect dog for me!

Not all of Lily’s short life has been easy.  When she was just under 2 years old she broke her leg in a crate accident.  One plate and seven screws later, oh and $5000 from my bank account and she is better, but not back to her condition before.  Extensive rehab has helped, but the injury will follow us the rest of her life. 10806354_10152837881923486_969630811596763287_n

Fast forward 7 months and Lily competed in her first disc event.  Yep, 7 months after major surgery on her front leg she was competing in disc at UpDog Challenge in Michigan.  I quickly realized that disc was her passion.  I’ve never seen her so happy.  She also tried lure coursing a few months before that.  That is her second love in life.  Running free in a field following a lure.

Lily began agility training in 2015 and competed in her first trial in 2016.  She walked away with a first place ribbon and yet another injury to her shoulder.  No self preservation in this little body.

I love every minute I get with her and time is moving too fast.  This will most likely be the last “serious” post about Lily.  Her hijinks will be documented for all to enjoy.  She is a funny, funny dog.  ❤



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